'Concilia Day'



Awareness-raising day to highlight work-life balance as part of Cepsa’s culture and management.


By celebrating ‘Work-Life Balance Day’ at all Cepsa offices. We set up an information corner to inform employees about the measures offered by the company favouring work-life balance. Employees were also invited to participate in a listening activity to define as a group what striking a balance between work and life means. Managers were gifted with customised virtual reality glasses to immerse themselves in a unique experience to strengthen their commitment as leaders to work-life balance.


So all employees could find out more about the group of measures they can benefit from working in a flexible and responsible company like Cepsa through a roadshow at each office. The VR activity taught managers about the importance of being ‘work-life balance leaders’ under the company’s new management model.





visits to the intranet’s new work-life balance area


messages on the listening channels


VR video views