7 Social Media skills for Internal Communications Specialist

Something is changing in Internal Communications. The 2.0 environment is modifying the internal communications specialist profile who is moving from the “journalist-inside-the-organization” role to be a “360-degrees-conversation” creator. An internal communication strategist should demonstrate that the engagement generated by this new way of doing communication in business could be a strategic pillar for the company. The new era of the Internal Social Media Strategist (ISMS) is arriving. His DNA should combine the most unexpected qualities.

1. Influence capability: About 30% of CEOs are in social networks. It means that this expert is facing an important challenge of evangelization in order to convince the General Direction about the benefits of Social Media use in Internal Communications. In adittion, the influence capability will be important to create an alliance with IT Team. They would become the 2.0 technology solver.

2. Know-it-all: The ISMS should know every last detail of the company and its employees. What is the goal? To be able to identify where is the talent, who are the opinion leaders, early adopters and non collaborative people.

3. Walk the talk: This professional should be an example of how to live the company values and should be able to transmit them to the rest of the team. The use of social media platforms allows employees to embrace these principles. If the teams area asks about their definition of values, social networks like Pinterest or Instagram can help us with the aim that employees upload photos about their way of living company values.

4. Multimedia speaker: To be adept at oral and written communication is an essential skill that the ISMS should have. Moreover, he needs to develop a multi-format and a multi-channel profile that allows him to move easily from hypermedia to storytelling or visual thinking.

5. Analytical profile and Big Data expert: Currently this professional has access to a large volume of information. He should be able to filter, sort and analyze all the Data in order to interpret and draw conclusions. This will allow him to develop successfully a project in the organization or to assess the impact of a social tool that has been already implemented.

6. A little bit geek: To be updated about all technology news is essential. He has to be the first one to test any new device, to become an early adopter both inside and outside the organization in order to be ahead of other users.

7. Cheerleader soul: It is not enough with the implementation of collaborative tools in the company, the ISMS will have to squeeze them to ensure their consolidation. He should constantly encourage employees to participate. One way to strengthen the engagement could be the creation of a corporate group on LinkedIn, encouraging employees to join it and to propose topics. That will be important to reinforce excellent behaviors highlighting the best contributions.

The metamorphosis that the internal communications professional is living is a fact. Creator of conversations, relationship builder, community manager. There are different ways to denominate this new professional profile. But it is clear that the ISMS should be able to create a network of contributors among opinion leaders, to connect internal and external knowledge and, especially, to translate the corporate speech in a 360 degrees conversation where the employees are key players.

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